Healthy tomorrow

aXiphen® – natural solution for poultry farming

aXiphen® is the future in animal health for the modern farmer seeking to secure a sustainable, ethical yet effective value chain from the farm to the table. Backed by extensive research, aXiphen® is the way forward in the transition to an efficient and sustainable farming without antibiotics and free from salmonella.

Capsaicin vs. Phenylcapsacin

The health benefits of chili, with its active ingredient capsaicin, are proven in science. aXiphen’s active ingredient Phenylcapsaicin, combines the naturally occurring phenyl group with capsaicin, bridged by a triple bond, resulting in an innovative natural analogue capsaicin for improved health for poultry, in a natural way. Phenylcapsaicin also has unique and patented properties as a Salmonella inhibitor making it highly interesting for poultry production.


aXiphen® is safe to use with a purity of 98%. It is free of contaminants and shows no sign of genotoxicity. This makes aXiphen® safe for long-term use.


With the unique microencapsulation, the pungency of capsaicin is controlled and the dosage can be versioned making it very versatile. Production is standardised and large-scale for stable delivery.


The high bioavailability makes aXiphen® deliver a much greater plasma concentration at the same dosage compared to natural capsaicin meaning a lower quantity is needed, making it a cost-efficient alternative.


aXiphen® accelerates the nutrition uptake of other ingredients. Compared to natural capsaicin, the bioenhancement effect is superior.

Good gut health is the key

Good gut health is the key to naturally healthy and salmonella-free poultry. aXiphen® enhances the health of poultry without reliance on antibiotics, ensuring a safer and more sustainable production. Several studies validate the effectiveness of aXiphen® in promoting gut health and as a non-antibiotic functional feed additive combating salmonella.